About us: Cosmopolitan, inclusive and ecologically minded team. That’s we are!

About us. We hope you enjoy visiting our shop and we invite you to help us create the prettiest things for a home share your feedback.

We love what we do and we are proud to show that with you.

We want to join you in the perfect piece selection of your home where you can share great moments with friends and family.

By Sibarita is an online decor store for anyone who is looking to find a special piece that tells their story.

Our unique collection of eclectic, modern decor is the perfect fit for busy homeowners looking to print their personality in a space with a few things.

We are continually adding new items to keep our clients inspired and entertained.

Mainly home decor & tableware, including dinnerware, drink-ware, vases, table accessories, and more.

About us
Cosmopolitan, inclusive and ecologically minded. That’s we are!