70s Vases. Do you know them?

Organic shapes by modernism, art and crafts or art nouveau. The bottle green is characteristic.

How many styles are there of 70s vases in the USA?

The 70s vases were a time of beautiful pieces. Some people loved to buy expensive vases, while others were able to afford the lower quality vases.

The key to these vases’ design is a large number of spines on the bottom these allow the water to flow freely up the handle, which creates a lot of heat.

The 1970s was a time of change for many things in the United States, including the glass vases that were used to hold flowers. There were many different types of glass vases available during this era.

Heavy vases where the material is the main character, organic shapes as suggested by the fused glass.
While it is true that many models were created in the United States in the late sixties and early seventies, the innovations in design, especially in the ornamental rather than the functional part, were inspired by European models created by glass artisans.

We could say broadly that the design of glass vases in northern Europe was dominated by the cut glass (Sweden) and in the south by organic forms (Italy).

Both trends shared the interest in creating heavy pieces with a lot of material to appreciate its brightness, transparency, and quality to carve the most impressive designs or works of art in transparent or pigmented Murano glass.

The most common type of glass vase was like a bottle that had a long neck and a round, bulbous bottom. This type of glass vase used to be used by individuals to keep their flowers fresh.

Another type of glass vase that was quite popular during this era was bell-shaped vases. This type of glass vase used to be used by couples getting married. The bell shape represented the union of two people.

The other type of crystal vase that was very popular during the 1970s was the vase that was shaped like a trumpet. These types of 70s vases were usually used by individuals to keep their flowers fresh.

70s vases vintage

However, the materials of these vases are also popular in the United States because they are affordable and perfect for any season. Here are some of the most popular 70s vases:

1) The elegant shape: minimalist design, straight and elongated lines define its body, sober colors and narrow mouth.

2) The crystal vase: faceted crystal vase, creates interesting effects by decomposing the light, ideal for creating a refined atmosphere.

3) Bottle vases: straight cylindrical body that narrows into a smaller diameter mouth. This form of 70s vases is current today as a timeless design.

4) Floor: This style is usually large in size and made of a heavy material, as it is intended to be placed directly on the floor. They look especially nice at the entrance of a home and when placed on either side of the front door, to create a pleasing visual symmetry.

5) Bowl: They are the perfect way to develop an arrangement with your own free style. They have the typical round shape like a diving suit for diving into the sea. It’s a big mouth that begs for a lot of flowers to make a beautiful arrangement. It’s time to get creative.

70s vases;

In conclusion, there are different types of 70s vases. It should be noted especially the contribution of this decade to the decorative arts. The organic forms of Murano, in northern Italy, and the straight lines of faceted glass from Strombergshyttan, in Sweden.

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