10+ Blue Tableware Designs for the Kitchen


Blue Tableware Set with Serving Bowl & Plates

The blue tableware set includes two plates and three bowls. Each piece has a different design, making it easy to match. The plates feature a stripe pattern and flat colors.

Whether you want to continue your family heirlooms or start your tradition, this blue tableware Japanese-designed made of ceramic glazed (Gosu) is perfect for any dinner setting.

Borrowing from its name, Blue tableware lightens the mood for casual entertaining in the home.

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The set of Japanese-style products becomes a kind of luxury brand feast for the eyes, they are so elegant.

Clean, elegant lines and graceful, flowing forms, a modern look for traditional Sushi that will bring out the artist in you. The feeling of luxury and desire for the longevity of the products are blended harmoniously to create a beautiful table.

This Japanese-designed set comes with a medium plate, three sizes of bowls, and a big plate. It’s perfect for parties and other special occasions.
The blue tableware collection from Japan features a variety of designs, such as colors, glazes, lines, and flat colors. The pieces are designed to be used at home, in restaurants, and hotels. The dishes are dishwasher-safe and microwave safe.
The blue tableware from Japan comes in one set: includes a serving bowl (22 cm diam.), a medium plate (17 cm diam.), a serving bowl (20 cm diam.), a container (16,8 cm diam.), and a small bowl (12 cm diam.). Each set contains five pieces. The bowls are designed to be used with chopsticks or cutlery. The bowls and plates are meant to be used with spoons and forks. The blue color is said to represent the sky and sea.
The blue tableware set from Japanese designer Kiyoshi Kawaguchi is a modern take on classic Japanese style. The plates and bowls come in a range of bright blues, greens, and beiges. The geometric patterns on each piece are reminiscent of traditional Sushi.
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