2 Handmade Vases: Beautiful pieces made of heavy glass


2 Handmade Vases: Timeless pieces that manage to transcend beyond the moment they were created are a safe bet.

In this case, we are referring to glass vases with organic shapes and the core of a specific color.
Choose between large or small, depending on the space where you want to integrate it or make it the protagonist.

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2 Handmade Vases: This beautiful vases made by hand in heavy glass

Show off good taste. These wonderful hand glass vases with organic shapes could be defined as utilitarian art.

2 Handmade Vases: They are very elegant and easy to integrate into your decor, their black core and obvious craftsmanship make them a unique piece. No two are alike.

Great creators such as René Lalique, among others, experimented with different forms of glass in the 1970s. These fully polished heavy glass vases will allow you to create a stylish vintage ambiance.

Material: Glass Package small: 140 mm * 70 mm * 170 mm large: 140 mm * 70 mm * 210 mm
Package: Vase x 1 piece

These irregular shapes can only be achieved by professional glassblowers working in large foundries. Glass is made by melting fine grains of quartz sand, the main ingredient.
An artisan or glassblower works with a helper, who uses his steel rod to collect drops or residue of the melt to be used by the artist. Glassblowers had to hold it on a rod hot enough to shape and transform it with their lungs. The artist used a steel rod called a Ponte, which he skillfully used to stretch and twist the glass several times until the desired strength was achieved for the work they were going to do.

The next step is to add paint to create swirls in the center of the vase for an elegant composition. When the goal is achieved, part of the rod must be separated, and to do this, a light tap with cold steel will break the bond with the steel rod and the broken end will form a lump, commonly known as a nipple.

It is inflated under the jet of combustible gas. The vase must then be passed to another annealing furnace to allow the glass to cool slowly and release its tension without risk of external cracking.

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