3 Crystal Wine Glasses


Every wine lover enjoys the aroma, the color through the light, and finally the taste. We offer this crystal wine glass, to enjoy the full experience

When serving a formal dinner, you will miss a crystal wine glass, especially if you are serving red wine. White wine admits more informalities.

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Glass wine glasses:

  • Are a versatile and elegant compliment to any table.
  • They are a basic that should not be missing in your kitchen.
  • Ideal for everyday use, they are resistant and dishwasher safe.
  • The transparent glass and thinner it is, the more delicate the glass is due to its complex manufacture.

For each drink there is a specific glass, which allows you to enjoy these pleasures of wine, the bubbles of sparkling wines that were formerly served in wide-mouthed glasses, are now rather looking for the flute-type glass to preserve the flavors of the wine in question.

Size: 210 ml red wine glass, 350 ml red wine glass, and 450 ml Borgogna wine glass.

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