4 Straight-lined cutlery


Straight-lined cutlery: Choose the color that best suits your personality, they are very original, with a shiny appearance and the strength of steel.

Their geometric straight-lined cutlery design is full of details for a more comfortable experience:

I refer for example to the rounded and smooth edges, which are silky and comfortable to use, being made of stainless steel makes them hygienic and easy to maintain.

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straight-lined cutlery


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Stainless steel cutlery, minimalist design, geometric shapes. The most outstanding feature of this design is the parallelepiped-shaped handles that stylize the figure of the cutlery.

They also have a very important function, which is to compensate for the size with the weight of each piece. If you want to show them on the table, you can try with a beautiful holder.

In this way, the manufacturer guarantees comfort when using them.

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