Abstract Cushions 5 cases


What I would highlight most about these abstract cushions covers is the reinterpretation of Indian-American patterns and the choice of colors.

This two-tone collection of abstract cushions has been thought out to the millimeter to convey the feeling of luxury with the interesting contrast of the new patterns inspired by North American Indian culture.

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Their complex motifs make them more attractive and stand out from the rest.
Dare to try it and it is also a good gift for your friends.

Its design contemplates a hidden zipper for easy cleaning when necessary.
The choice of linen is not accidental, natural fibers are more pleasant to the touch and in this case, allow the cushion to recover its shape quickly since it is not an airtight fabric like those that exist for the filling of goose feathers.

They are ideal to combine with plain colors to focus attention on these pieces of art.
The pattern is not repeated on both sides, so you can give prominence to the most convenient print and place the rest upside down.

Size: 45cm * 45cm

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