Ceramic cup with 3 antique patterns


A ceramic cup made of bone porcelain, also composed of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz, it has the highest strength and toughness of all ceramics with the addition of bone ash to its raw materials.

The texture of the ceramic cup and its appearance is shining, and its color is snow white.

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Once fired it is glazed to fix the selected pattern. In this case, it is a classic geometric pattern.


The pieces are enameled and printed with the selected pattern, the printing is done color by color, respecting the respective drying times.

Always thought to be easily integrated into your tableware.
This piece harmoniously is available in 3 pattern colors that combine tradition and technology.


Fantastic and versatile

Their geometric design allows them to interact with other flat-colored pieces integrating perfectly.

  • There are multiple ways to combine these pieces,
  • you can highlight them making them protagonists among neutral colors, or
  • combine them with a golden tray, a black coffee cup, a golden sugar bowl, or
  • even black and gold or
  • simply golden cutlery goes great.

The wide mouth of the ceramic cups allows one to temper hot drinks, the diameter is directly associated with the handle of the cup to have more control and comfort when using it.


How to combine my tableware coffee with these Ceramic cups with 3 antique patterns?

To combine your tableware coffee with these cups, we suggest:

  • Using a lightcolored coffee mug with a simple design or flat color.
  • Another good idea is to repeat the pattern of the cups on cloth napkins or placemats.
  • With a flower arrangement of little yellow nature leaves.
  • A beautiful jar in clear or black color and straight lines.
  • As you can see there are many ways to share your passion for goods at home.

Detail of decoration:

  • Pattern n°1: Black gold grid coffee cup
  • Pattern n°2: Gold grid coffee
  • Pattern n°3: Gold square brown
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