14 Awesome Flat Ceramic Vases


The simplicity of this elegant ceramic vase in flat colors will allow absolute protagonism for your flowers, being able to create attractive color contrasts.

Decorated with ceramic vases in flat colors, to facilitate the integration of any pre-existing decoration.

In these ceramic vases available in different colors and geometric shapes, I assure you will find one that you will fall in love with, they are very versatile and fit perfectly in any part of the house.

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In these ceramic vases available in different colors and geometric shapes, I assure you will find one that you will fall in love with, they are very versatile and fit perfectly in any part of the house. Created to stand out in a discreet way and above all by merit to the Scandinavian design present in all its lines.
14 Awesome Flat Ceramic Vases to Add to Your Collection
The Yellow Vase by Lula Frost
This yellow rose vase is made of clear clay and features a beautiful flat yellow pattern. If you’re looking for something unique to display your flowers, then look no further than the Lula Frost Yellow Vase. Made from a mix of clay, this vase has a lovely color design etched into the surface. You’ll love the bright color and the fact that it’s dishwasher-safe.
The Lula Frost Yellow vase is one of those pieces that makes me smile every time I see it. It’s simple, elegant, and pretty much everything I want in a flower vase. And while it’s not cheap, it’s definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for something special to put your blooms in.
The Lula Frost vases come in yellow to combine with various flowers, shapes, and sizes, but the yellow vase is my absolute favorite. It has a classic look, and it’s easy to fill with violet flowers from the garden. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to hold water without leaking. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves flowers, this is a perfect choice.
The Pink Rose Vase by Lulu Frost

The pink rose vase is made with frosted glass and features a classic floral design.

The pink rose vases are beautiful additions to any room. These vases are made from clear clay and feature a classic flat-color design. The vases are very easy to clean and maintain. You can use them to hold flowers or other items.

The pink rose vase is one of the most popular flower arrangements available today.  The vases are very simple to combine with your decoration. The vases are made from transparent glass and feature a classic rose design. The vases are dishwasher safe and can be used to combine with other colors and objects.

The pink rose vases come in individual boxes, with a lot of care. These vases are very fresh in a dark place, the kitchen instead the bathroom. You can use them to hold flowers or not. The vases are clear colors and feature a classic flat pattern. The vases are very durable and can withstand high temperatures. The vases are designed to last for years.


The Red & Rose Ceramic vases by Lulu Frost

This lovely red rose vase has been handcrafted using a traditional technique called “frosted glass.” Frosted glass is a type of ceramic that has been dipped into a solution containing iron oxide (rust) and then fired at high temperatures. The result is a unique flat pattern of uniform color that gives the glass its distinctive appearance.

The Red Rose ceramic vases were created by artist Lulu Frost, who uses her work to explore themes of love, loss, and hope. She creates each piece from scratch, starting with a blank sheet of ceramic vases. Once she’s finished painting the design, she makes the mix of clay into individual pieces and assembles them into the final ceramic vases. Each vase is one-of-a-kind and comes ready to stand on a shelf.

These beautiful vases are available in three sizes and are at different prices. If you’re looking for something special for Valentine’s Day, consider a rose vase. You’ll be able to enjoy it year after year, and it’ll look gorgeous sitting next to your bedside table or on your desk.

When I first saw these vases, I thought they were pretty cool. I love the shape, and the fact that they’re handmade makes them feel extra special. Plus, they’re affordable enough that you won’t break the bank if you want to treat yourself to some new decor.


The Blue Flower Vase by Lulu Frost

These beautiful flower ceramic vases are made with a white transparent glaze and feature a flat blue design. It’s perfect for displaying fresh flowers or as an accent piece in any room.

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for Mother’s Day, look no further than these stunning flower ceramic vases from Lulu Frost. Made with a white transparent glaze, these ceramic vases have a blue soft design and a blue dark design both come complete with a matching stand. Perfect for serving as an accent piece in your home, these ceramic vases are sure to be a conversation starter.

When you think of special gifts, you might automatically reach for something practical, such as a new cookbook or a set of housewares. However, if you want to show Mom how much she means to you, consider giving her something beautiful instead. A gorgeous vase filled with fresh flowers is a thoughtful gift that will bring joy to anyone who receives it.

And while most people associate Mother’s Day with roses, tulips, and other springtime blooms, there are many different types of flowers that work well year-round. For example, hydrangeas, dahlias, and peonies are available throughout the year, making them the perfect choices for Mother’s Day.

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