Geometric mug. Contemporary pattern

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Dare to incorporate new pieces into your tableware, you will get a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The geometric mug is very fun and rich in visual information.

The geometric mug-patterned tableware will always be a classic regardless of the era.

geometric mug;


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An unusual geometric design made of ceramic on a white background and a curious circular handle enameled in shiny gold make up the body of the mug.

  1. As for the saucer, it is black to highlight the geometric pattern and contrast it with the white background.
  2. Whether you choose to fill it with your morning coffee or your favorite infusion, you are sure to enjoy this mug every time you use it, for years to come.
  3. As for the neutral and classic colors, they facilitate the integration and could not miss the gold in small doses to exalt the beauty of this piece. The geometric mug harmonizes with the design of any room.