5 Organic vases white porcelain


Organic Vases: If you are looking for an original vase and perfectly adaptable to your decoration, you are in the right place.

This fine matte organic vases porcelain is similar to Westwood’s English porcelain but with 100% natural shapes.

It is a proposal that aims to bring nature to your environment in the least invasive way, the shapes and the white matte color make these vases a perfect alternative for your home or a gift.

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Why is the organic vase good for my home?

  • Porcelain organic vases are a perfect way to decorate with a touch of nature.
  • The shapes are organic and the white and texture create gentleness and discretion.
  • You will use it as your decoration’s second, third or fourth element.
  • Organic shapes rescued from nature give personality to your home.

These beautiful vases of different sizes and shapes are perfect for creating contrast with a minimalist decor of straight shapes and infinite lines.  The contrast in decoration is the basis of everything—contrasts of light, color, shapes, etc.

Package Size:

  • 140 mm * 110 mm * 110 mm
  • 370 mm * 180 mm * 180 mm
  • 520 mm * 180 mm * 180 mm
  • 240 mm * 160 mm * 160 mm
  • 200 mm * 120 mm * 120 mm
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