2 Ways To Safely Store Keys At Home


Do you often lose your keys?
Don’t know where you left them the last time?

Well, look what a 2 Ways To Safely Store Keys At Home

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This is an endearing porcelain figure

  • inspired by “The Guest by Jaime Hayon“.
  • It is a fantastic contrast since the color evokes an ancestral piece.
  • The shape is very modern.
  • These store keys have two presentations.
  • Blue or white glazes.

Like a presentation by Jaime Hayon, this porcelain piece is very nice, beautiful, and functional for storing your keys.

This piece will not go unnoticed for its obvious beauty. It is made of fine porcelain and enameled in an ancestral blue or brilliant off-white to contrast with the contemporary shape of the piece.
Its elegant translucent tray with a gold rim makes it easy to empty pockets and keep store your keys in easy reach at all times.


White, Blue


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