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By Sibarita

Creative and Elegant Handmade Soda-lime Glass Vases

Creative and Elegant Handmade Soda-lime Glass Vases

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Vases made of soda-lime glass are both creative and elegant.

Add a touch of organic and contemporary style to your home.

Using these lovely soda-lime glass vases in your interior design can help you achieve a look that is both contemporary and organic.

  • The meticulous handiwork that went into making these vases guarantees that each one is one of a kind and of the best possible quality.
  • These Handmade Soda-lime Glass Vases come in three various sizes, making them suitable for use in every part of your home,
  • whether you want to inject a splash of color into your living room or bring some natural beauty into your bedroom with some freshly cut flowers.
  • You can discover the color scheme that complements your personal taste best by selecting from warm gradients to cold hues.

These Handmade Soda-lime Glass Vases, have exceptional tensile strength, thermal characteristics, and light transmission, respectively. The modeling approach that was utilized to create these Handmade Soda-lime Glass Vases added an extra touch of elegance and originality, which made them suitable for any event that you could possibly imagine.

These vases are an excellent option for any purpose, whether you want to put on display some of your most cherished blooms or design a show-stopping centerpiece. You can also have peace of mind knowing that they will reach your door unharmed thanks to the strong cardboard box they come in.

The purchase of these sophisticated and artistic vases is not only a good idea for the decoration of your home, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to make a statement about your sense of personal style.

Why hold off then? Immediately add these exquisite vases to your collection, and then let your imagination run free with the possibilities they present.





Product information:
Package size: 400 x 300 x 290 mm

                      320 x 250 x 230 mm

                      230 x 230 x 270 mm

Product information: Material: Soda-lime glass

Workmanship: Handmade

Packaging: cardboard

Style: organic and modern

Technique: Modeling


Large: 23.5cm in diameter and 32cm in height
Mini: 16.8cm in diameter and 20cm in height
Medium: 21cm in diameter 25cm in height

Packing list :
Flower Arrangement*1

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