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Light Luxury Colored Glass

Light Luxury Colored Glass

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Colored glasses

Light Luxury: Colored Glass is a collection of 70's heavy crystal vases that are both beautiful and elegant.

The vases feature clear glass on the outside, but when light passes through them it reveals an array of stunning colors inside.


This creates a unique effect that adds luxury to any room or event space they're placed.
The beauty of these colored glass pieces lies in their versatility;
  • they can be used as decorative accents for homes and businesses alike, or even
  • as centerpieces for special occasions such
  • as diner friends or familiar events.
  • Additionally, because the color changes depending on how much light is present, you can create different moods with each piece by adjusting lighting levels accordingly! 
  • With their unique color variations, these heavy crystal vases can be used as both decorative accents or functional containers for flowers or other items.

These exquisite items will add charm and sophistication to any setting while also providing an interesting conversation piece - perfect for those who appreciate luxurious design elements without overwhelming opulence.


Each one-of-a-kind item has its own certificate guaranteeing authenticity so you know your purchase is genuine quality craftsmanship from decades past! Whether displayed alone or grouped together in multiple.


Light Luxury: Colored Glass will bring classiness into your living space like never before!

  • The beauty of these vintage pieces lies in their ability to add light and texture to any room without overpowering the rest of the décor.
  • Whether you choose clear glass with subtle hues inside or bright colors on the outside, each piece will bring its own unique charm and energy into your living area.
  • The thick walls also make them incredibly durable so they won’t easily break if accidentally knocked over - making them ideal for busy households!

For those looking for something truly special in their home décor, colored glass vases offer an exquisite combination of beauty. Their timeless design ensures they will never go out of style while providing you with years upon years' worth of use – allowing you to enjoy this luxurious addition throughout time!


Product information:

Material: colored glass
Size: Large Small Medium
Flower type: countertop vase

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