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Plaid 100% Cotton Modern Bedding

Plaid 100% Cotton Modern Bedding

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 Because I am such a fan of high-quality bedding,

I have looked far and wide for the ideal set that not only has a fantastic appearance but also provides an outstandingly comfortable environment in which to sleep.


And at long last, I think I've found it in this duvet cover set with its monochromatic lines and checkered pattern.

  • At our company, we take great satisfaction in using the highest-quality materials
  • and time-tested manufacturing procedures, both of which have been tried and true over the years.
  • In order to guarantee that this bedding set is both comfortable and long-lasting, we have made it entirely out of cotton that has been washed.
  • Because of the way that we print and dye the items, the colors will maintain their richness even after being washed numerous times.

The weaving procedure that we use, which is a 2/2 twill structure, is what truly differentiates our bedding from that of our competitors. This particular sort of weave results in a diagonal ribbed pattern that not only makes the bedding appear more fashionable but also contributes to its overall longevity.

And while we're at it, let's discuss the layout. Our checkered duvet cover set with monochromatic lines is the perfect illustration of how traditional design can yet be contemporary and relevant to current fashions.

The texture and interest of the Plaid in Modern Bedding are enhanced by the parallel diagonal ribbed pattern, and the traditional allure of the plaid sheet and pillowcases is brought out by their use.

This set is available in widths ranging from 1.2 meters to 2.2 meters, so it may be customized to fit your bed exactly. You will have everything you need to make your bed look and feel fantastic because the package includes a duvet cover, fitted sheet, bed sheet, and pillowcases. This will make your bed look and feel amazing.

Go no further than our monochromatic lines and Plaid in Modern Bedding duvet cover set if you want a bedding ensemble that is not only fashionable but also constructed using high-quality components and methods of production.

Believe me, after sleeping in this Plaid in Modern Bedding at least once, you won't want to sleep in anything else. Trust me on this one.




Structure of a 2⁄2 twill. The offset at each row forms the diagonal pattern Structure of a 2⁄2 twill. The offset at each row forms the diagonal pattern

Bedding fabric: washed 100% cotton
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Twill
Style process: folds
Bedding Style: Personalized Fashion Series
The main component of fabric: cotton
Main component content of fabric: 100%
Fabric sub-component: cotton
pattern: plain
Fabric material: Cotton
Style: sheet type
Applicable bed size: 1.8m (6 feet) bed

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