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Sleek Iron Ceiling Light in Scandinavian Style

Sleek Iron Ceiling Light in Scandinavian Style

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You may achieve a level of refined refinement and elegance in any area of your home by installing this lovely iron ceiling light in a Scandinavian-style design.

This ceiling lamp is designed to illuminate and warm up whatever space it is placed in.

It can be adjusted to a height of 5 feet, and its style is so sleek and contemporary that it is guaranteed to win you over.

  • This ceiling light is constructed out of high-quality iron, making it not only sturdy but also fashionable.
  • That is something that would make a wonderful addition to any house.
  • Since it has an LED light source that is both brilliant and warm, it is suitable for any event.
  • You have the choice of selecting from a broad variety of light colors, such as black and gold, and
  • benefit from the extra versatility of several light sources power options, such as
  • white light, warm light, neutral light, and the ability to vary between tri-chromatic and monochromatic light.
  • This ceiling light is the way to go if you want to give your living room a warm and welcoming atmosphere while also bringing a sense of peace to your bedroom.

What is it that's stopping you?

Place an order for an iron ceiling lamp with a Scandinavian-style design now to obtain the greatest illumination and elegance for your house.


Product information:

Style: Scandinavian
Chandelier Type: Iron Chandelier
Light source type: led light
Lamp body material: iron
Adjustable height: 1.5 (m)
Dimensions: 360 (mm)
Voltage: 220V
Light color: black, gold
Light source power: white light, warm light, neutral light, trichromatic light change (W)

Packing list:


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